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About us.

During the last 5 years domestic heating has also been a growth area for Lite Engineering with diesel used oil and biodiesel  as people look for cost efficient methods of heating their homes.


Our climate in the South Island is similar to those in Europe & North America where the use of Central Heating is common place, using either radiators or hot water under-floor heating, this has been the norm for many years.  New Zealand home owners are starting to appreciate the advantages of controlled central heating as we seek to heat our entire home as opposed to heating one main living area.


Waste oil and diesel options are available to suit most situations depending on location.


Heating Solutions

Lite Engineering Ltd has been involved in Heating Engineering for 10 years as sales & service agents for Kroll Heaters NZ Ltd servicing the requirements of commercial growers and industrial clients providing heating applications from wide area heating of large workshops, powder coating booths, paint spray booths, motels and a local ski field.

We are an approved installer of the John Guest Brand of under-floor heating system as used in the UK and Europe, with full design, installation and commissioning.  For existing homes we offer the Chappee Brand of Radiators from Italy with quick fit brackets that allow for easy removal of the radiator if you need to up date your décor.

We use the SIME brand hot water boilers from Italy; these are cast iron sectional boilers chosen for there high efficiency and long operating life. We have models from 20 to 260 kw

We sell and service flame burner guns for diesel & used oil of many different brands Nuway, Bentone, Reillo, Kroll, ARCO, Giersch, ferroli, to name but a few. We also sell and service the spitfire range of industrial heaters and the Infrasun Brand of radiant heaters.

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